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🥕🍆🥔🍅 What do you consider to be the most MOREISH vegetable chips you've ever made in your dehydrator? Let's see now - we love Sweet Potato best .. no, hang on, make that Green Beans. Oh, the decisions are just way too hard .....

Wonderful books to grace your shelves and give you an endless source of information and recipes on:Smoking,Curing,Drying,Preserving andWorking with Meats and Fish.

Rosemary, Almond, Flax and Chia seeds, all combined into yummy crackers ... crackers that are both delicious and nutritious!!
Who loves a yummy Burger?
Most people can't resist them. These are just super for a lazy, cold weekend when you just feel like lounging around and doing not much at all - except for maybe grabbing a movie, sitting back comfortably on your couch and munching this yummy treat. It's filling enough for dinner, or can be a great lunchtime special.

There are a multitude of tips, techniques and general uses to help you get the most from your Excalibur dehydrator.

Why not try your hand at some of these alternative uses for this great Excalibur Dehydrator!

One of the most well known WW2 service dogs was Corporal Smoky - an itty bitty 1.8kg, 18cm tall, Yorkshire Terrier that was found in an abandoned fox hole in the Papua New Guinea jungle.  At the time, nobody had any notion of how the tiny dog got there. The American soldier brought her back to camp and to enable him to get back to a poker game he sold her to a comrade for £2 Australian, about $6.50 in today's money.  The buyer was Corporal William Wynne, who named her 'Smoky'. This is where her story really began.