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Bringing you our Friday Folder - let's look at The Tao Of Prepping

Bringing you our Friday Folder - let's look at 'The Tao Of Prepping'

Bringing you our Friday Folder - let's look at The Tao Of Prepping


Prepping is not just for hardcore survivalists, it's for everyone who cares about their own health, their life, their environment and their future. When the oil runs dry and the electricity goes off and the supermarkets empty of food, will you be prepared? What if you lose your job and can't pay your mortgage? What is your backup plan?

Hang on a moment ... that paragraph has an eerie feeling of life unfolding about it. Those scenes are starting to unravel before our very eyes! One cannot live just for the moment. Given how life is unfolding around us rapidly, we must all make plans for the future!  It is important, at all times, to be aware of the whole, and trust life to bring forth the moments and experiences that facilitate our ability to keep developing and moving forward.

“Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.”
― Max Frisch

Hence we must move with all that surrounds us, prepping ourselves for what comes next.

Self-reliance empowers the weak, it allows the poor the dignity to feed and clothe themselves and their family without having to beg from the State, and it provides an almost infinite testing ground for the strong to prove their own mettle.

The dictionary defines prepping as:

“the action or process of preparing something, or preparing for something.”


Create a Sustainable Pantry

A Sustainable Pantry

Let's Do It!!

If you start to become more self-reliant, you will be much better prepared as future challenges continue creeping upon society. Prepping doesn't mean that you are expecting the Zombie Apocalypse to break out tomorrow. Rather, people are preparing for events that are fairly likely. Even the financial challenges that are becoming a part of everyone’s lives show very real cause for you to become as self-reliant as possible.



Live the 'Good Life'

Live the 'Good Life'

Our family played out this 'Good Life' mode of living for a few years some time back. It was extremely enjoyable from one point of view, yet extremely difficult from another. We were 'almost' off the grid, running without mains power, water or any standard council-provided services. We did visit the supermarkets for most of our food and supplies though. Our conditions were harsh - basically we just propped ourselves in the middle of a dry, barren paddock and lived life! We pumped our water from a small creek that formed one boundary of our property, up into a water tank we located at our 'house'. This consisted of a converted bus and caravan, which did the job nicely, considering the children were quite young.

These experiences laid the grounding for our growth towards becoming more and more sustainable as years progressed, and living in unity with the precious Earth that supports us. Some of the selfish ways of too large a portion of society around us caused us to work even harder towards healing and protecting our wondrous Planet.



Prepping brings us Peace.

Prepping brings us Peace.

It is becoming very necessary to be well prepared to withstand the encroaching changes that are enveloping our society. We must take on an appreciation of stocking up our supplies and work towards being as self-reliant as you can.

After all, prepping is a treasured part of our ancestors' heritage. We would all be wise to follow suit and embrace prepping!  Modern life has become a chain of fast food, and fast pace - a recipe for disaster. Life has far too many stresses and worries, that sadly keep increasing.  When you are prepared, many of these stresses will reduce. In fact, those supermarket shelves that are shown on screens far too often these days, as yet another lock-down takes place, will not cause you concern when you reflect on how wonderful your beautifully laden pantry looks, with your many jars, and vacuum packs of food sitting there, waiting to keep you surviving when times are grim!

Becoming a Prepper is a smart way of life, and the wise will be those who see this mode of life as being the thing to do!

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