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EXC10EL 100% Stainless Steel 10 Tray Dehydrator

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The EXC10EL Excalibur dehydrator is built to last with 100% stainless steel construction, armoured glass doors and 10 stainless steel trays. The digital display features the 2 Time / 2 Temp feature, which can be used to speed up the drying process, making the overall time of drying far less by setting a period of time at a higher temperature and a period of time at a lower temperature.

The double armoured glass door lets you view progress without interrupting the drying process, while the front access control panel allows the unit to be placed under cabinets for easy storage and obstruction-free access, ensuring ease of use and flexibility in placement of the unit. The EXC10EL comes equipped with a massive 1.45m² of drying area (~19kg of food), a heavy duty fan, 99 hour digital timer, a removable stainless steel drip tray making clean up a breeze, Hyperwave™ Patented Technology, and Parallex® Horizontal Air Flow.

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Excalibur EXC10EL 10 tray stainless steel dehydrator with armoured glass doors closed.


2 Time / 2 Temperature Settings

100% Stainless Steel Construction

Clear Armoured Glass Doors

Digital Display

99 Hour 59 Min Timer

10 Stainless Steel Trays

Stainless Steel Drip Tray

Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology

Parallexx® Horizontal AirFlow

Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology

Excalibur’s adjustable thermostat lets you take advantage of Hyperwave™ Fluctuation for faster, better, safer dried foods. Food temperature stays low enough to keep the enzymes active, and the air temperature gets high enough to dry food fast.

Parallexx® Airflow

Excalibur dehydrators feature the exclusive Parallexx® drying system for even drying. Cool air is drawn in, heated, and distributed evenly over each tray, helping dry the food faster, retain more nutrients, taste and look better, without the need for tray rotation.

100% Stainless Steel

The long lasting beauty and modern appearance of Excalibur’s 100% stainless steel dehydrator lends more than just a touch of class to your kitchen. With all stainless steel construction, interior and exterior, as well as fully stainless steel trays the EXC10EL is built to last.

Excalibur EXC10EL 10 tray stainless steel dehydrator with armoured glass doors open.

Refined Control

2 Time / 2 Temperature.

With the 2 Time / 2 Temperature feature on each zone, you get faster dehydration by programming one hotter temperature for a short period of time, followed by a cooler temperature for the remainder of the drying time — automatically! With the perfect combination of high-low temperature settings you can maintain the food’s low temperature to preserve beneficial enzymes but speed up the process of drying.

Excalibur EXC10EL 10 tray stainless steel dehydrator digital display.

Front Mounted

Digital Display.

A fully digital, front mounted display provides you with the ability to easily fine tune temperatures and dehydrating times in an easy to read display, while also allowing flexibility in the placement of the unit and providing obstruction free access regardless of its location, ensuring you always have a clear view of the current dehydrating settings. While the 99 hour timer gives you more than enough time for any recipe.

Excalibur EXC10EL 10 tray stainless steel dehydrator with armoured glass doors closed.


Glass Doors.

The clear, double armoured glass doors are exceptionally durable, and lend a modern, sleek look to the unit, while also being practical, letting you view dehydrating progress without having to interrupt the drying process.

Tech Specs.



# of Trays



35°C – 74°C (95°F – 165°F)


99 Hour 59 Min - Digital 2 Time / 2 Temp

Tray Size

Individual Tray - 38cm x 38cm (15″ x 15″)
Total Tray Space - 1.486m² (15.63ft²) | (~19kg of food)


43.2cm x 43.8cm x 52.1cm (17″ x 17.25″ x 20.5″)


600 Watts
220 - 240 Volts

Fan Size

16.51 cm (6.5") - Heavy Duty


16kg (35lbs) net


  • 10 x stainless steel trays
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Owners manual
  • Includes a Free Book download for “Preserve It Naturally" ($39.00 Value)

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