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THANKFUL & BLESSED - a Cornucopia of foods and flowers.

We are so grateful to the US Excalibur Food Dehydrators manufacturer for coping throughout this most difficult year!

We are proud to be your Australian distributor!

Perhaps you are curious as to why we chose the name AVALON for our Excalibur Dehydrator Blog ... well, let me explain for you.
Avalon has been for centuries a mythical place that symbolises purity, abundance and magic. Excalibur Dehydrators carry the wonderful name of Excalibur, being arguably the most famous legendary sword - that of King Arthur; sometimes also attributed with magical powers that protect the user, with some believing it to perhaps be the Sword in the Stone, although others disagree on that. Whether presented as the Sword in the Stone or given by the Lady of the Lake, it is clear Excalibur comes from another realm. The sword has become famous and continues as a symbol of virtue and power.

Avalon is where the legendary sword, Excalibur, was forged.

Welcome to EDA - Excalibur Dehydrators Australia - and our Blog: The E-Diary of Avalon

Join our community of friends who love good health, good food and good company; such pleasurable combinations.