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Food Dehydrators

Enjoy Your Food in a New Way with Our Premium Food Dehydrators

Our food dehydrators provide you with a new choice when it comes to food preparation so that you can get more out of your love for culinary experiences. Brought to you by the same people behind Nature’s Wonderland, Excalibur Dehydrators Australia delivers the customer service you love alongside the equipment that takes your food further.

Excalibur 4926TCDB black 9 tray dehydrator with clear door closed. Excalibur 4926TCDB black 9 tray dehydrator with clear door open. Excalibur 4926TCDB black 9 tray dehydrator with clear door open and trays pulled out.

Benefits of Choosing to Invest in a Food Dehydrator Machine

Understanding what a food dehydrator can do for you makes it easier to pick the right product for the job. We love dehydrating our foods, and we are sure you will too, but first, let us explain to you what the benefits of these lovely machines are:

  • Whether you are a food connoisseur or someone who actively makes sure any new additions to their diet is a healthy choice, the food dehydrator we supply makes delicious snacks. Whether you remove the moisture from fruits, vegetables or meats, the results will be a delectable snack that tastes amazing.
  • A food dryer can dramatically extend the shelf life of foods, which means you never have to throw away unused fruits and vegetables again. With the right dryer, you can get up to two years more out of your foods, whether you want to make some delicious veggie chips or you merely want to lengthen the shelf life of your foods before re-hydrating them in a soup! Since you remove the moisture from the foods, they also become much less prone to spoiling or bacterial occupation.
  • Dehydrating dramatically reduces the number of nutrients you lose from food compared to something like steaming or cooking. You get to produce all-natural dehydrated foods since it does not require anything aside from the food itself, and the dehydrators you can get from us. You get healthier, longer lasting, entirely natural foods.
  • When you dry your food yourself, you know precisely what goes into it, which means you get truly healthy snacks. When buying from a store, most dried fruits and veggies have added sugars and preservatives or other ingredients to make them more appealing. When you dry your food, it is as healthy as you need it to be while still being delicious. You also have complete control over the quality of the fruits, veggies, or meats that go into the dryer.
  • Your dryer will pay for itself before you know it, which means you save money. Organic, dried fruits and veggies from any store tend to be ridiculously overpriced, especially given how simple it is to make. When you do it yourself, you also do not have to add to packaging waste, since you can store them in any environmentally friendly way you choose.
  • Dried foods are much easier to store since they take up a fraction of the space of their original forms. Consider taking a banana and cutting it up. It already takes up much less space since you can pack it how you see fit. Now, if you place it in our food air dryer, it becomes even smaller. Dehydrated foods will be your new favourite travel snack in no time.
  • Dehydrating your foods make them much more accessible. While fruits and veggies are available everywhere, it can be a little harder to find dried fruits and veggies. If you have a dryer, you are suddenly turning store-bought fruits and veggies into dried fruits and veggies whenever you want to. It is quick, it is easy, it is efficient.
  • Compared to trying to dry your foods with an oven, a proper food dryer machine supplies much more precision, which dramatically improves the result. Conventional oven temperatures usually only start at 90 degrees Celsius, which most people already consider too high if you want to dry your foods properly.
  • When you buy a food dehydrator, you get much more than the ability to dry fruits and vegetables if you’re a little creative. The right dehydrator gives you the ability to make fruit roll-ups, dried fruit snacks, vegetable chips, jerky using a variety of meats, granola, and even healthy bread.
  • It might sound complicated, but it certainly is not. Using a dehydrator is one of the simplest machines to use in your home. All you need to do is prepare the necessary foods you wish to dry, put them in, and wait for the machine to finish. It truly is as simple as that.

Whether you put in banana, kale, or tomato, our dehydrator options deliver delicious, healthy snacks in no time. With the Excalibur Parallexx® Drying System and fully customisable Hyperwave™ thermostat, you get precision drying that will never let you down. Preserve the essential parts of your food while improving its shelf life when you choose Excalibur Dehydrators Australia.

A selection of deli foods including dehydrated fruit.

What to Expect from Our Team When You Need a Food Dehydrator for Sale

We aim to supply the best shopping experience, combined with the best products to all our clients. Here are some of the things you can expect from our team that we believe will make your experience with us even better:

  • You can always expect exceptional quality products. Excalibur Dehydrators offer world-renowned and well-respected products. Our merchandise is perfect for domestic, semi-commercial, and even commercial use. Excalibur products have a long history of consistent quality dehydrating machines going as far back as 1973, so you know you can trust us to deliver nothing short of excellence.
  • Our domestic machines include four-, five-, nine-, and ten-tray options. These can also come with clear or solid doors, plastic or stainless-steel cases, and your choice of digital or analogue timer: 26-, 48-, and 99-hours, or no timer at all. You can also choose between plastic or stainless-steel trays.
  • Our semi-commercial machines include five-, nine-, and ten-tray options. These machines are equipped with 26-hour analogue or 99-hour digital timers, come with a stainless-steel case, transparent doors, and stainless-steel trays.
  • We stock only the best machines for our commercial users. Running on 99-hour digital timers with stainless-steel cases, solid doors, and stainless-steel trays, we can provide you with either a 12-tray version or a huge 42-tray option to suit all your commercial drying needs.
  • We will always do our best to supply reliable customer service. We want you to have the products you love and a team that can deliver support when necessary. Whether you have a problem with your machine and you need advice, or you want to learn how to use the new commercial-sized device you got from us, we are ready and waiting to assist.
  • Our machines do not create any harmful fumes like you may get from other lower quality dehydrators. Not only does this make sure you get a better result, but it means you can place your dehydrator wherever you want, whether in your home or business, without any complications.
An assortment of dried nuts and fruits.

Why Trust Us When You Need Only the Best Food Dehydrator

Whether you use it for peach or potato, a dehydrator from us supplies exceptional lifespan, durability, and efficacy. Our ability to meet your specific demands with our domestic, semi-commercial, or commercially sized machines means that you never have to buy devices that supply more or less power than you need. We do everything we can to make your customer experience easy and satisfactory, from knowledgeable suggestions to reliable customer service. Our machines will also quickly pay for themselves over time since you get significantly more value from your fruits, veggies, and even meats.

When you want to support a family-run, Australian-owned business and get a reliable vegetable dehydrator at the same time, you know where to find us. If you ever have any questions about our products or our pre-orders, please do not hesitate to ask. Our mission is to supply everything you need so you can enjoy your food dehydrating without problems.

Call us today and get your dehydrator for use in your home, small, or large business.