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Well, Friday evening is always a very pleasurable time.
No work, no pressing emails to answer, no packing ... basically translated to FREE TIME!!
Yippee! 😛
One of the most well known WW2 service dogs was Corporal Smoky - an itty bitty 1.8kg, 18cm tall, Yorkshire Terrier that was found in an abandoned fox hole in the Papua New Guinea jungle.  At the time, nobody had any notion of how the tiny dog got there. The American soldier brought her back to camp and to enable him to get back to a poker game he sold her to a comrade for £2 Australian, about $6.50 in today's money.  The buyer was Corporal William Wynne, who named her 'Smoky'. This is where her story really began.
Indulge in this berried version of the traditional angel food cake.
(Prepare your dried fruit in advance.)
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You Little Beauty!! Bill B., our mascot here in the Land Down Under, is stoked to say "G’day Mate" to all our cobbers and rellies, on this great holiday weekend for Straya Day, this Tuesday 26 Jan! We hope you're having a ripper of a celebration with some true-blue Aussie tucker - put some snags on the barbie, and ...

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