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Who We Are - Learn more about us and delve behind the scenes

Who We Are

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💚Learn more about us and delve behind the scenes.💚

We believe it is most important that we are transparent with our clients, thus gaining your trust and giving you the utmost confidence in your dealings with us.

Proudly 100% Australian family owned and operated.
Excalibur Dehydrators Australia™ has been the premiere distributor of Excalibur dehydrator products here in Australia since 2005.

Please be aware that some websites have been using the Excalibur Dehydrators Australia business name unofficially, misleading consumers into thinking they are us. If in doubt just look for the Bilby in the website logo, check for our company details - Excalibur Dehydrators Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 49 644 150 434) / ACN (644 150 434) information in the website footer, or feel free to give us a call on 1800 044 421 if you'd like any clarification.

Brought to you by the same people behind Nature’s Wonderland, Excalibur Dehydrators Australia™ is proud to be an official Australian importer and distributor of the US made Excalibur dehydrator and associated products, offering the same high level of customer service and product knowledge for which the former is so well known.


Meet Bill B.

So what is our logo's animal mascot?
Well, he's a Bilby — one with lots of personality!

Meet our Bilby mascot - he has proudly been a part of our longstanding Nature’s Wonderland business now since 1996!! We decided it was appropriate to bring him across to our Excalibur Dehydrators Australia™ business, so people can easily recognise who we are, and the connections between our companies.
We call him 'Bill B' - and he has loads of personality 😛
You'll always know you are dealing with our company when you see Bill B proudly being a part of our logos!

The name's Bill ... Bill B. The Bilby mascot for Excalibur Dehydrators Australia™ - he has proudly been a part of our longstanding Nature's Wonderland business now since 1995.


Experience with Excalibur dehydrators

Bringing to you over 15 years of experience with the Excalibur dehydrator, we pride ourselves on offering personal, friendly customer service, both over email and the phone — pre-sales and after-sales. We provide customers with expert knowledge, in-depth information and help, in the form of extensive online content, as well as personal interaction. Always happy to help, feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss your queries or needs. If we happen to be busy with other clients when you call, or if you call outside our business hours (Qld 10am-6pm), we have a dedicated Reception Service to take your message, passing it on to us immediately. We shall return your call as soon as we are able on the day you called, but almost always at least within 24 hours.


The Mini Katana Group

The Mini Katana Group Bilby Logo.

We operate a group of companies, all focusing on health, wellness, sustainability and natural Eco products and philosophies.

Nature’s Wonderland is our founding company, being proudly 100% family owned and operated, having grown to become a thriving store based on the foundations of offering quality products, insightful information and great service.


Our Story and Our Philosophy

Wildlife Land Trust logo

Our Head Office has the enjoyment of operating from our alluring S E Qld property, being registered since 2012 with both the Wildlife Land Trust and Land for Wildlife respectively, with 75 species of birds and animals – and continually growing!

Our Property is A Pocket of Paradise …

Land for Wildlife logo.

Our focus is on the environment and world around us. This focus is evident in the surroundings of all we do.
Based on a 16 hectare (40 acre) rural property in the peaceful countryside of the Brisbane Valley, the setting is  grassland and trees, filled with a multitude of wildlife, from birds to mammals and insects.


Kangaroo at Nature's Wonderland
Koala at Nature's Wonderland


A menagerie of wild fauna are attracted to this Wonderland, and build their homes around our little pocket of paradise. The air is filled with birdsong, whilst families of kangaroos can be seen lounging in the paddocks, and koalas frequent the gum trees. New species of butterflies have appeared, attracted by the blossoming flowers. Amongst the many, many birds are rainbow lorikeets, cockatoos, ravens, eagles and galahs, as well as an abundance of varying finches and other small birds, along with families of apostle birds.
The atmosphere is tranquil, with a spectacular view of the land and hills in the distance.

Far away from cities, pollution and noise, our environment truly offers all the beauty and peace of nature, allowing us to be totally enveloped in all we promote with wellness and sustainability.

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo at Nature's Wonderland

Our Core Values

Our founding company, Nature's Wonderland, has enjoyed wonderful success during many years of growth. From a bricks and mortar store in Warburton, Victoria in 1996 to online since 1999, we have built up an excellent reputation with a diverse, high quality and sought after product portfolio, with only the most superior, top-quality brand name merchandise available.

We carry our high ideals across to Excalibur Dehydrators Australia™.

Throughout all of our companies, our mission is simple, and we follow it passionately: Customer Service. Our mission is to provide not only the best health and wellness products, but to also provide the best service and information possible.

In closing, we aim to create a concept that projects a Way of Life — how we envisage that people should be living… no hustle-bustle, no smog — instead clean, clear country air that is fresh and great for your good health. Rather than chemical-laced, chlorinated water, drink pure, natural rain water. And strive to grow and eat your own fresh, wholesome food. We encourage and recommend a sustainable way of life. Environment is as important to a person’s well being as are Good Food, Water and Air, and we endeavour to live as we believe everyone should.

To learn even more about our unique lifestyle and ideals, we encourage you to get in touch with us and start to live it yourself. 


© since 2005 - Excalibur Dehydrators Australia™. All Rights Reserved.

Natire's Wonderland and Excalibur Dehydrators Australia rural property in Toogoolawah S E Qld.



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