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Dehydrators Offer Healthy Alternatives to Store-Bought Foods

Using a built-in fan, and low levels of heat, our range of dehydrators reduces the amount of liquid found in fruits, vegetables, meat and other types of foodstuffs. Once you have removed this liquid, your food gains a longer lifespan without the need to add harmful preservatives. Excalibur Dehydrators Australia offers a wide range of dehydrators suitable for domestic, semi-commercial, and commercial use.

Excalibur 4926T black 9 tray dehydrator with door propped open and food placed on trays. Excalibur 4926T black 9 tray dehydrator with door open. Excalibur 4926T black 9 tray dehydrator with door closed.
Excalibur 4926T white 9 tray dehydrator with door open. Excalibur 4926T white 9 tray dehydrator with door open and trays pulled out. Excalibur 4926T white 9 tray dehydrator with door propped to the side and food on trays.

The Benefits of a Dehydrator

Drying your food is beneficial for your health and your budget.

  • A dehydrator machine seals in the original vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes of foods more efficiently than any other form of preservation or cooking. This is especially important in an era where chemically altered food with minimal nutritional value is widely available to consumers.
  • Many health foods are seasonal, which makes them expensive during their off-peak months. Dehydrating these foods makes them available to you all-year-round and is an effective way to maintain healthy eating habits year-round.
  • Dehydrated food contains a single ingredient: itself. This ensures that your food contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives. The items you dehydrate last for months and commercially manufactured dehydrated foods maintain their integrity while being stored for years.
  • Bulk purchasing for dehydration offers significant discounts, as well as fewer trips to the store. It enables you to have healthy gourmet snacks available whenever you have a craving.
  • By removing the moisture from your food, you inhibit bacteria growth, which enables it to keep for longer, decreasing the chance of wastage. Since the physical size of the food is reduced during the dehydration process, storing the food is simple and takes up less shelf space.
  • Healthy eating is challenging to keep up while travelling. A dehydrating machine allows you to pre-package portions of your favourite snack, which you can keep with you for any time of the day.
  • A dehydrator is an asset to those who follow a plant-based diet. With endless fruit and vegetable recipes available, a cookbook paired with your machine will provide various meals or snacks to suit your preferences.
  • Dehydrated foodstuffs are a go-to option when faced with an emergency. From power outages, to a natural disaster, dehydrated foods are a healthy resource during these times. Dehydrating individual snacks, you can dry entire meals as an alternative method to cooking.
Excalibur RES10 10 tray digital dehydrator with clear doors closed.

Creative Items That Can Be Dried in your Machine

Besides creating healthy foods, your dehydrator can add convenience to your life in various ways.

  • Using your dehydrator to preserve flowers and herbs is a great way to keep mementos from special occasions for longer. The dried flora can lend themselves to a variety of homemade crafts, like cards and scrapbooks. If you want to use your machine to its full potential, consider making homemade paper. This reduces your carbon footprint while spending quality time with your family creating something new.
  • With many of our furry friends developing sensitive stomachs from unhealthy mainstream pet food, making hypoallergenic meals and treats in our dehydrating machine is a cost-effective and convenient method to meal times. Your four-legged friend will benefit from the natural ingredients which can lead to a better immune system and a shinier coat.
  • Letting your water-based clay creation dry naturally causes them to split or crack. A food dehydrator works as a kiln for most water-based clays, offering a quick hardening process.
  • Making a broth is quick and easy in your dehydrator. Once you’ve boiled your desired ingredients into a gel, simply spread it into a pan that will set in your machine. Once your mixture has set, the powder results in soup on demand.
  • A dehydrator makes sweet-smelling potpourri that freshens up any space. Drying out your ageing flowers and adding a bit of cinnamon or clove offers subtle hints of fragrance that you can experiment with to find your required smell.
Arrangement of dried citrus circles.

Why Trust Excalibur Dehydrators Australia When You Buy a Dehydrator

We have over 15 years of industry experience which assists us in pairing you with the best-suited dehydrator. Our after-sales service follows you throughout your journey of learning about your dehydrators and provides exceptional advice that allows you to make the most out of your new appliance. For more information regarding our premium dehydrators for sale, contact us.