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Commercial Dehydrators


Build Your Business with a Reliable Commercial Dehydrator

A commercial dehydrator can help you preserve large batches of otherwise-perishable foods. Foodservice establishments and other businesses who wish to eliminate bacterial growth and create delicious new products such as meat jerkies, dried fruits, and even potpourris often use these dehydrators. Excalibur Dehydrators Australia offers a range of domestic and commercial food dehydrators of the highest quality.




Trends About Your Commercial Dehydrator Machine You Should Know

Commercial dehydrators can fulfil your need for an easy way to preserve a variety of foods, herbs, and flowers. When choosing yours, you should be aware of some key features to look for, such as:

  • Plenty of space. Especially when dehydrating foods for business purposes, you’ll likely want to dry many items at once. Look for a large machine with sufficient shelves or shelf space.
  • Automatic shut-off. Leaving foods inside a dehydrator for too little or too long will affect the quality of your end product. Look for a machine with a timer and automatic shut-off feature.
  • Accessories. Don’t forget the accessories that make your dehydrating experience easier and more effective. Extra stainless steel trays, silicone drying sheets, vacuum packing, and more are available.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Their Commercial Grade Dehydrator

Drying food is one of the earliest methods of preparing food for long-term storage. Today, it is still a popular preservation method rivalling freezing and canning. Whether you are drying a small batch of bananas for your kids or multiple large batches of meats for a business, you can achieve the best results by avoiding a few common mistakes.

  • Not slicing foods uniformly. Just as with cooking, you should cut food should into uniform pieces before placing into your dehydrator. Uneven sizes will result in uneven dehydration. Also, avoid mixing foods that dry at different rates or that might interfere with each other’s taste, such as fruits and herbs.
  • Allowing foods to overlap. It’s extremely important to arrange food properly inside your dehydrator for even drying. Placing pieces of food over each other can result in the foods being inadequately dehydrated. The heat must be able to circulate evenly around all sides of the food for best results.
  • Neglecting to blanch fruits and vegetables first. Blanching is a process that involves scalding fruits or vegetables in boiling water and then immersing in cold water to stop the cooking. This step is not a necessity, but it can help denature the natural enzymes in fruits and vegetables, allowing them to be stored for even more extended periods once dehydrated.


About Excalibur Dehydrators Australia

Drying food is easy, economical, healthy, and space efficient. At Excalibur Dehydrators Australia, we provide domestic, semi-commercial, and commercial food dehydrators at our online store. We take pride in our high-quality, well-built appliances, which are also versatile enough to handle meats, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more. We are a family owned Australian business with a focus on excellent customer service.

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