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Excalibur Dehydrators let you say “NO More Junk Food!”

Excalibur Dehydrators Let you say “NO More Junk Food!”

Say “NO More Junk Food!”


Many of our customers chose the Excalibur because they have special dietary restrictions.
It encourages healthy, low-fat, low-sugar alternatives to junk foods and snacks, without resorting to artificial sweeteners, chemical fat blockers and salt substitutes.


Dried Fruit Snack Box

How can I avoid junk food and eat healthy, nutritious snacks?

Using an Excalibur dehydrator to prepare your food, the list of delicious recipes is endless! Reach for a bowl of flavourful vegetable chips or roasted pumpkin seeds. When the snack urge hits, bite into your custom blended Muesli or Granola bars, naturally sweet fruit slices and fruit leather roll ups. But that’s not all! Add fruit powders and dried fruit chunks to your low-fat muffins, breads, and cakes. We’ll bet that you won’t miss those saturated fats and refined sugars!

Dehydrated Vegetable Chips
Dried Muesli Granola Bars
Dehydrated Vegetable Chips Dried Muesli Granola Bars
Raspberry Fruit Leather Rolls
Dried Acai and Maca Powder
Raspberry Fruit Leather Rollups Dried Acai and Maca Powder
Dehydrated Fruit Chunks
Vegan Dried Fruit Candies
Dehydrated Fruit Chunks
Vegan Dried Fruit Candies

Top choice of the world’s finest gourmet chefs!

Many gourmets own Excalibur Dehydrators. So do some of the finest culinary schools, including the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute.

Only Excalibur has premium-quality features and performance that dries precisely right for exotic entrées and desserts. From Asian dishes, to Italian main courses, to Mexican spicy dishes, to lavish French desserts, to old-fashioned home cooking, Excalibur’s dehydrated ingredients boost the flavour of cuisine from around the world.

Chef sprinkling dehydrated vegetable powder.

Besides gourmet chefs, hundreds of thousands of home cooks, dozens of notable organisations, major universities, hotels and institutions own Excalibur Dehydrators!

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Healthy Dehydrated Fruit Leather Snacks.




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