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Love dried fruit and apples? The Apple Slinky is a Must-Have

So, you have a load of delicious fruit or apples you want to dehydrate, but cringe when thinking of peeling and cutting them all up 😂
Here's a great solution:

Apple Slinky machine for peeling, coring and cutting.

~~Apple Slinky Machine - Apple Peeler, Corer and Slicer~~

A Must-Have For Every Kitchen & Canteen!

Love dried apples? The apple slinky machine slices apples into 5mm slices, the perfect thickness for drying in your Excalibur Dehydrator! This machine allows you to peel, core, and slice apples in one fast and easy operation. You may also peel only, or core and slice without peeling. Simply load the apple onto the holder, lock in place, and turn the handle.

Spiralised apple.

Each apple slinky is fitted with a sturdy suction base to prevent movement and to ensure safety. Even the smallest of hands can handle it. It also pulls apart easily, making it easy to clean, and the heavy-duty construction with its dark green enamelled cast-iron base just doesn't wear out! The apple slinky saves you time and energy and is not just the perfect accessory for every dehydrator, but a great addition to every kitchen!

Apple Slinky machine for peeling, coring and cutting.

Also works fine for peeling potatoes, pears, turnips. Be creative and try other fresh products such as cucumbers, carrots, beetroot & more - let your imagination go wild!

Dimensions when assembled: approximately 15cm (6") high and 38cm (15") in length.

You may find these fabulous Apple Slinky tools in our store here.



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