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COMM2 Commercial 2 Zone 42 Tray Dehydrator

The COMM2 Excalibur is an innovative, state-of-the-art, computer controlled commercial dehydrator. Fully manufactured and imported from the United States from high quality stainless steel and NSF Approved. Excalibur's Commercial Dehydrators are the perfect solution for many types of businesses. While smaller dehydrators are great for home use or starting a business, they quickly become time consuming and tiring once your market grows.

The COMM2 unit is built for the commercial requirements of drying foods of all types, from fruits and vegetables to jerky and yoghurt. It is also popular within the laboratory environment where high capacities of sample dehydration is required. The benefits of purchasing an Excalibur Commercial Dehydrator will far exceed the benefits of doing batch after batch in a small machine. If you are ready to increase production and need a larger capacity dehydrator, the solution is here.

Excalibur's cumulative dehydrating knowledge has gone into the development of the commercial line of NSF dryers. The innovative multiple motor design creates precision airflow and increased thermal control. Eight small electric motors and heating elements run the 16.5cm fans inside; these are the same reliable units as found in the domestic appliances.

The COMM2 comes equipped with 42 commercial stainless steel trays for a massive total of 12.63m² drying area (~162kg of food), eight heavy duty fans, 99 hour digital timer, programmable digital computer control, incorporating Temperature Cycling Technology, dual zones for variable drying needs, easy clean features for a commercial environment, adjustable door dampeners for humidity control, Hyperwave™ Patented Technology, and Parallex® Horizontal Air Flow.

The unit comes with a 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty (to the initial retail purchaser) if properly installed by a qualified electrician.

Shipping of commercial units is to be arranged as a separate expense. The unit is well-packed and palletised.

NOTE: Units are made to order with a lead time of approximately 4 weeks if shipped by air freight.



Front view of the Excalibur COMM2 commercial 42 tray stainless steel dehydrator with doors closed.


Programmable Digital Control Unit

Digital Display

Temperature Cycling Technology

Dual Drying Zones

100% Stainless Steel

99 Hour 59 Min Timer

42 Commercial Stainless Steel Trays

Adjustable Door Dampeners

Easy Clean Design

NSF Certification

Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology

Parallexx® Horizontal AirFlow

Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology

Excalibur’s adjustable thermostat lets you take advantage of Hyperwave™ Fluctuation for faster, better, safer dried foods. Food temperature stays low enough to keep the enzymes active, and the air temperature gets high enough to dry food fast.

Parallexx® Airflow

Excalibur dehydrators feature the exclusive Parallexx® drying system for even drying. Cool air is drawn in, heated, and distributed evenly over each tray, helping dry the food faster, retain more nutrients, taste and look better, without the need for tray rotation.

100% Stainless Steel

Built specifically for a commercial environment with all stainless steel construction, interior and exterior, as well as fully stainless steel trays, the COMM2 is built to last. Increase productivity with a massive 12.63m² of shelf space on 42 x 100% high grade commercial sized stainless steel trays, each measuring approximately 66cm x 45cm.

Excalibur COMM2 commercial 42 tray stainless steel dehydrator with doors open.

A + B

Multi Zones.

The COMM2 incorporates two separate drying zones, using the 2 Zone Production Model, giving you the option to dehydrate using zone A and zone B separate of each other, with 21 trays per zone. Or you can use both zones A and B together for all 42 trays. Each zone can be set for different time duration and temperature settings for variable food drying needs, stagger batches and to speed up the drying process.

Excalibur COMM2 commercial 42 tray stainless steel dehydrator digital controls.

Digital Display

Computer Control.

The COMM2 unit comes equipped with a fully digital display, incorporating a programmable digital computer control unit, including Ethernet controls, that utilises Temperature Cycling Technology, allowing various Time/Temperature drying profiles, and an automatic cool down/shut off feature so you no longer have to manually manipulate drying temperature or timers. The COMM2 also incorporates a wide range of redundancy features designed to minimise downtime in a commercial environment. The user can adjust fan delay, alarm type and beeper cycle, and may also select the readout to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Excalibur COMM2 commercial 42 tray stainless steel dehydrator with zone B door open.



Excalibur knows how important it is to have commercial appliances that are easy to clean. The COMM2 has smooth radius walls with no sharp edges allowing for easy wipe down. The front doors are completely removable, while the back door opens fully allowing for thorough cleaning of the food zone. In addition, removable rack weldments ensure ease of access inside the unit and the motor and fan are connected to a hinged back assembly, which is held to the case with wing nuts, allowing easy access when cleaning. While large NSF style caster wheels make it easy to move the unit to clean under and behind.

Excalibur COMM2 commercial 42 tray stainless steel dehydrator door dampener.



The COMM2 has a unique adjustable sliding dampener installed in both front doors, which act to increase humidity within the unit. With proper use, this dampener can be closed to retain moisture during the beginning of a drying process, assisting in the maintaining of a "WET HEAT" environment that is optimal for the destruction of harmful bacteria.



The NSF Mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification companies in existence today, NSF International. NSF International is The Public Health and Safety Company™, providing public health and safety risk management solutions to companies, governments and consumers around the world.


Most importantly, NSF Certification is not a one-time activity. NSF does not just test a single model of a product and gives its okay. Their certification program requires regular on-site inspections of Excalibur’s manufacturing facilities. In addition, the commercial dehydrators are periodically re-tested against the requirements of the most current national health and safety standards.


The NSF Certification mark ensures that your new commercial appliance has been inspected by a recognised organisation, as you potentially may be inspected by your local or state health department. Many inspectors look for the NSF Mark on your equipment. With equipment such as the COMM2 Excalibur that have passed through strict requirements and inspection, you have one less element to worry about.

Tech Specs.



# of Trays

42 - 2 zones


26°C – 94°C (80°F – 200°F)


99 Hour 59 Min - Digital

Tray Size

Individual Tray - 66cm x 45cm (26″ x 17.7″)
Total Tray Space - 12.6m² (136ft²) | ~162kg of food
Space Between Trays - 3.2cm (1.26")


Unit - 178cm x 76cm x 76cm (70" x 29.9" x 29.9")

Shipping Dimensions:
Pallet #1 - 91.5cm x 91.5cm x 178cm
Pallet #2 - 107cm x 107cm x 86.5cm


4800 Watts single phase electricity.

It is suggested you hard-wire the unit; a plug can be wired but is not included. If the unit is modified in any way the warranty is void.

A 30 amp breaker is suggested to be installed when the unit is hard-wired into its location (must be properly installed by a qualified electrician).

Fan Size

8 x 16.5cm (6.49") (aluminium)

Eight small electric motors and heating elements run the fans.


136kg (299.8lbs) net / 295kg (650.4) gross


  • 42 x stainless steel trays
  • 42 x FDA approved, BPA free mesh Polyscreen sheets
  • Owners manual

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