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The Ultimate Survival Cookbook

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Product Details
Paperback: 240 pages
Author: Weldon Owen
Publisher: Weldon Owen
ISBN: 1681887029
EAN: 9781681887029
Product Dimensions: 24.1 x 19.1  x 2.54 cm

With pandemics, global recessions and protests affecting everyone's lives, now is the time to master your own food chain to ensure that your family remains healthy and nourished.

Emergency rations have never tasted this good! Forget about those dry crackers and canned sardines, and get ready to feast on spicy barbecue, homemade strawberry jam, cedar-plank bourbon-and-maple-glazed salmon, and dozens more dishes from a professional survival instructor - whose students have told him for years that he should write a cookbook!

Be Prepared

A well stocked pantry and a handful of basic skills can get you through just about anything. This book offers detailed guidance on what to buy, how to store it, and how to make the most of whatever you have on hand.

Get Out

For wilderness survival situations (or if you just get bored with your supplies!), you'll find life-saving information on foraging, finding fresh water, and cooking wild foods safely.

Be Creative

Whether you're facing days (or weeks!) without power, shortages at the store, or closed roads, you can still eat well - with just a little creativity, some staple ingredients, and the advice inside.

Survive Anything

You never know when disaster might strike - but with the expert advice and easy-to-follow recipes in this book, you never need to worry about your next meal.