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ParaFlexx Ultra Silicone Non-Stick Solid Dehydrator Drying Sheet

These super flexible, BPA free, food grade solid dehydrator sheets are coated with a non-stick silicone surface for preparing your fruit leathers, rollups & natural sweet treats etc.

The ParaFlexx Ultra dehydrator sheets are an alternative to the ParaFlexx Premium dehydrator sheets. While not quite as effective as the Premium sheets, which have a higher non-stick quality, the ParaFlexx Ultra sheets are coated in a high grade silicone, offering a good non stick surface without the use of Teflon.

Just like the ParaFlexx Premium sheets, the ParaFlexx Ultra sheets are used for dehydrating semi-liquids (such as pureed fruits) or really sticky items that would normally drip through the mesh sheets that are included with the dehydrator. The foods peel off the ParaFlexx Ultra sheet quickly & clean up is easy. The sheets are made specifically so you can use them over & over again.

ParaFlexx Ultra sheets are also very useful when drying products that drip. Placing one in a tray at the bottom of the dryer saves having to clean drips off the base of the unit.

The important difference between the ParaFlexx Premium & ParaFlexx Ultra dehdydrator sheets is the coating used - where the ParaFlexx Premium sheets are coated with a Dupont Teflon for the non-stick surface, the Ultra sheets use silicone.

ParaFlexx Ultra sheets don't last quite as long as the ParaFlexx Premium sheets, although the difference is not necessarily important if you are keen on having silicone. Like the ParaFlexx Premium sheets, they are very durable. Additionally, the ParaFlexx Ultra sheets are a little bit thicker than the ParaFlexx Premium, with a micro-porous surface. ParaFlexx Ultra sheets are a great alternative for those who are not fond of a Teflon surface, and as a bonus can be used as a baking sheet also.

Each sheet measures in at 36 cm (14") square, and is dishwasher safe.

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