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Pate, Confit, Rillette Recipes from the Craft of Charcuterie

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Product Details
Hardback: 256 pages
Author: Brian Polcyn, Michael Ruhlman
Publisher: W W Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393634310
EAN: 9780393634310
Product Dimensions: 26.0 x 21.5  x 2.0 cm

An instant classic, Pâte, Confit, Rillette will delight chefs and home cooks eager for knowledge of the most accessible charcuterie.

Beginning with the basic principles of how and why these preparations work, Brian Polcyn and Michael Ruhlman include recipes both surprising and delicious, such as a succulent chicken terrine embedded with sauteed mushrooms and flecked with bright green herbs; modern rillettes of shredded salmon and whitefish; classic confits of duck and goose; and a vegetarian layered potato terrine.

Part of the charcuterie mandate is using the entire animal and an avoidance of waste, so they also provide the ratios— proportions of meat, fat, and salt— that will allow anyone to create as much or as little of each dish as desired. This is the book to reach for when a cook or chef intends to explore these timeless techniques, both the fundamentals and their nuances, and create exquisite food.

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